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We are a fun loving family, oath based, earth oriented teaching coven.  Here you will learn the many aspects of being Wiccan/Pagan.  From the basics of a novice through to the HP/HPS levels. This requires alot of work and dedication to your personal spiritual path.

Our High Priestess is a very caring and loving person, as well as our mentors.  Each month there will be articles here for you to read that will be on different subjects, but to learn more of the tidbits here, you must become a member. 

There are no fees involved to become a member.  All the learning is free, except for the occasional study material. We all learn from one another and are a close family group. 

Our coven is run by High Priestess Hekatay, who has been a lifelong seeker of the knowledge of the Old Religion, although her path has changed a few times over the 35+ years. Our members support the coven with their time, knowledge and love.  

Each member is provided with their own Book of Mirrors to keep their work, questions, discussions and personal comments. HPS Hekatay, as well as, the others are available to answer/discuss any questions and to provide guidance.

If you would like to learn more, are just starting out within the Craft, or would like more information about this coven, feel free to email HPS Hekatay at any time.

HPS Hekatay, Elder, Coven Leader

In order to register and apply to the forum, please:
Email HPS Hekatay at crossroad.crone@gmail.com or highpriestesshekatay@gmail.com
There are instructions on applying to become a member on the "How To Join The Coven" Page.









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